Android HTC Magic in Wal-Mart soon?

It’s not the traditional birthstone ruby, but sapphires that may mark the month of July this year in terms of coveted gems. Wal-Mart may be selling the HTC Magic, a.k.a. Sapphire, in July for $179, with the standard two-year contract, according to the latest unconfirmed report from the blog [Boy Genius Report,]( which posted what it claims to be the store’s roadmap for upcoming mobile phones.

As the HTC Magic launches in several European countries, all eyes are on carrier T-Mobile and phone-maker HTC as the industry eagerly awaits news on when we���ll see the next Android smartphone in the US.

In other Android news, an unofficial T-Mobile blog, [TMOToday](, says a new version of the T-Mobile G1, version 2 and codenamed Bigfoot, is in the works. That smartphone may be out in October for $148, according to BGR.

Samsung and Motorola have announced plans for Android phones, but Motorola says it will miss the summer showdown, launching in time for the holiday season, and Samsung remains tight-lipped on release details.

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