AOL Hacked? I Don’t Think So.


From the ‘look ma I just discovered Link Spam‘ files:

I see a good number of bogus security announcements and pronouncements in any given day. Today I got one forwarded to me from a number of peers about an AOL hack ‘discovered’ by Roger Thompson, Chief Research Officer of AVG Technologies.

The PR pitch that I got from the PR firm notes that Thompson,  has discovered that a rolling headline on this morning,
“Disgraced ‘Oprah’ Author Is Back,”is hosting a fake codec.

SURE that caught my eye.

But when you actually read Thompson’s post and see the issue, it’s really a different thing all together. Unless I’m a total idiot, it simply looks like some spammer has put a bad link in a comment on a post. If a user clicks on the link it takes them to a seperate page where the codec issue might exist.

Is this a hack? Is this AOL hosting ‘bad codecs?  HA!!

No way! This is just link  spam and who among us, even with spam filters, CAPTCHA and other mechanisms doesn’t get hit by spam?

Oh and the link? It’s for the pervs who are looking for naked Paris Hilton videos (so  it’s not like it’s even close to being something that could be considered a legitimate link or trackback for this story in the first place).

Here’s a copy of the image linked from the ‘researchers’ page:

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