Apache Updates HTTP Server to 2.2.11


From the “some technologies never die” files:

The open source Apache Foundation is updating the newest iteration of its HTTP Web server to Apache HTTP Server 2.2.11. The update is a bug and stability fix and (so far at least) does not include any reported vulnerabilities or vuln fixes. The actual changes list details what looks to me to be a whole lot of tweaks – the only thing that really stood out for me personally is an update to the LogFormat parameter.

Add new LogFormat parameter, %k, which logs the number of keepalive requests on this connection for this request.

This could help out in a number of ways for those that use Apache logs – specifically with open AJAX and XHR type of requests.

The Apache 2.2.x branch has been the leading edge of Apache Web Server development since December of 2005. Apache still maintains its legacy 2.x and 1.3.x branches as well. The latest releases for those versions are 2.0.63 and 1.3.41 which were both released on January 19th of this year.

Apache across all its versions remains the most widely deployed web server according to Netcraft. As of November 2008 , nearly 93 million websites globally were hosted on an Apache Web Server.

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