Apache updates Subversion (svn) to 1.5.9 – Will you Git it?

From the ‘Git with the program‘ files:

The Apache Subversion (SVN) project is out with svn 1.5.9 providing some bug fixes for the open source code version control system.

“This release
is intended for users who are still running the 1.5 release line, and
contains a number of stability and performance fixes to previous 1.5.x
releases,” Apache Subversion developer Hyrum Wright wrote in a mailing list posting.”This release does *not* contain all the bug fixes and
features which are found in the most current release of Subversion,

The bigger question for me though is – who isn’t now thinking about moving to Git?

For better or for worse, I have seen a continuous stream of open source projects move to Git over the course of the last year. Big efforts like the Eclipse Foundation are using it as well as smaller projects too. The prevailing theme that I hear time and again from Git users is that it fosters a more collaborative approach for community development.

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