Apache’s Java threats aren’t new

From the ‘Been There, Done That‘ files:
The Apache Software Foundation isn’t very happy with Oracle leadership of the Java Community Process. They’ve gone so far as to issue a lengthy statement saying that if certain items and conditions don’t change that they’ll leave the JCP.
So what?
This isn’t a new threat is it? Apache has voted against Sun’s leadership of the JCP as well as voted against Java EE 6 back in 2007. Apache has a very different view of how an open community should work, and the Apache model has worked very well for many projects.
It was back in 2002, that the ASF finally got some type of license they wanted from Sun, but it has never really been a ‘harmonious’ relationship has it?
Having Apache on the JCP provides a voice of reason as well as some solid technical input, but does it really matter? Aren’t most ASF members also employed by companies that are also part of the JCP? 
The issue this time around though is a bit more complex though as the ASF is alleging that Oracle is unilaterally changing the rules of Java licencing.

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