Apple execs share little at shareholders meeting

Steve Jobs was a no-show at Apple’s annual shareholder’s meeting today. The Apple co-founder and CEO is on a five-month medical leave due to end in June, so his absence wasn’t a big surprise. It’s believed to be the first time as CEO Jobs hasn’t attended a shareholder’s meeting.

Apple execs consistently kept to their well-worn, detail-lite, script in answering questions about Jobs’ health, according to Reuters. They also declined to comment on whether the Securities and Exchange Commission is investigating how Apple handled the release of information related to Jobs’ health —  i.e. sparingly!

When he announced his leave in January, Jobs also handed over day-to-day operations to chief operating officer Tim Cook. “Nothing has changed” since that announcement, co-lead director Arthur Levinson, was quoted by Reuters.

There was at least one, quasi-spontaneous moment. In recognition of Jobs’ 54th birthday yesterday, shareholders joined in a sing-along of Happy Birthday.

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