Are you rich enough for this social network?

Despite our collective economic woes a Web site that caters to the rich seems to be doing quite well. Traffic at [ ]( to over 80,000 unique visitors in January, according to analytics at; a nice spike from its launch in September.

Affluence touts beating out other players in the “elite social networking space” including [](, []( and []( I’ve never heard of any of these sites, probably because, at least in the case of, I just barely (insert heavy sarcasm), qualify to join.

Affluence said its site is for individuals who make $300,000 a year or have a household net worth of over $3 million and those figures have to be verified to be accepted for membership.

“Being able to locate charitable events, utilizing our concierge services, and networking with other individuals with similar incomes have proven to be exciting and rewarding for our unique clientele,” said company CEO Scott Mitchell, in a release.

And if the Bernie Madoff scandal cost Affluence any members, Mitchell is still bullish. “Becoming the largest network of our kind is not only an indication of our early success but also of the viability and scalability of this market,” he said.

So if you dodged Madoff, weathered the housing crisis and stock market fall and still make a healthy six-figure income, head over to where you’ll be able to “attend the most exclusive parties and events in the world” and “Receive priority access to the world’s most exclusive nightclubs, hotels, and restaurants.”

And best of all (it is a social network after all), you’ll be able to “Find other millionaires, billionaires, and socially elite people to network with.”

Finally! No more mixing with the MySpace masses or fending off friends on Facebook. That alone warrants Affluence’s .[org designation]( along with other .org sites “trying to make the world a better place.”

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