ARIN fighting IPv6 FUD with Comics

From the ‘IPv4 sky is falling‘ files:

We’ve been warned that the Internet is running out of IPv4 address space and the end is near. Yet for some reason, IPv6, isn’t something that is being broadly adopted — in North America at least.  We need a hero, or maybe a few superheroes to save the day right?

That’s where ARIN (American Registry for Internet Numbers) comes in — they are the organization that is tasked with allocating IP address in the US and Canada for both IPv4 and IPv6. I recently met up with ARIN’s Megan Kruse who explained to me what ARIN is doing to get IPv6 adoption in gear. Yes they’re using comic books to literally fight the forces of agent FUD (Fear Uncertainty and Doubt) that may be limiting IPv6 adoption.
Kruse told me that ARIN estimates that IPv4 will be totally exhausted in less than two years and that’s even with some un-used address blocks being returned.

ARIN is a critical organization and one that I personally think is often overlooked and not well understood. So I got Kruse to explain to me the mission and the goals of ARIN, and what the deal is with the comic books. Check out the full video below. You can download the comics from ARIN — in my case Kruse had them on the table in her booth at Interop in Las Vegas.

Photo: Megan Kruse Credit: Sean Michael Kerner

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