Asterisk renumbers open source VoIP

From the ‘what’s in a version number?’ files:

TORONTO. The open source Asterisk VoIP PBX is now at its 1.6.x release — it’s a number that Asterisk is going to stay at for a long time.  That’s the message that Kevin Fleming, 
Director of Software Technologies at Digium and co-maintainer of the Asterisk told attendess at the IT360 conference here in Toronto.

Instead of changing version numbers for each new feature based release, Fleming explained that Asterisk will now put new features into its 1.6.x point release.

Currently Asterisk is at the 1.6.0 release with the 1.6.1 release in beta.

“Up until Asterisk 1.6, the  process was once new branch is out there are no new features in the branch just bug fixes,” Fleming said. “That meant that if you had a new feature, it in might be a year or more till it showed up in production build.

Now we do add features in between point releases.”

As such the pace of innovation in Asterisk may well now accelerate since new point release come out every two to three months.

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