Blog post # 1,000

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From the ‘Are We There Yet?‘ files:

Drum roll please…

This post is my 1,000th blog post at Netstat-vat for That sure seems like a lot of posts to me and a mountain of work, but it’s all been good fun and very rewarding personally and professionally.

This blog has been home to posts on Linux, open source, security and networking as well as a few other IT topics. Even though I’m now at the 1,000 post milestone, please don’t call be a blogger. I’m a technology journalist (@TechJournalist on Twitter) and the blog is a complement my regular work.

In my non-blog articles that I write for (and appear across the network), I take an objective look at technology news and trends. In this blog, I look at some of the ‘smaller’ stories, but more importantly, I usually also inject my opinion here too.

That’s where this blog really works –  with the opinion part – both mine – and equally important – the opinions of all of you that read this blog. While this is the 1,000th post for this blog, the 1,000th comment was logged a long time ago. It is the comments that I get from the readers of this blog that I especially value. Sure I get flamed my fair share, but I also get more than my fair share of insightful comments too.

So thanks to you the readers of this blog for your support across the first 1,000 posts, and a special thanks to the network and its management for their continuing encouragement and backing.

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