Brian’s last day at LinuxToday

From the ‘ave atque vale‘ files:

Today is Brian Proffitt’s last day as Managing Editor of LinuxToday – he’s now moving to a new position at the Linux Foundation.

Over the years I have written for Brian (LinuxPlanet), been linked by him (LinuxToday) and sat next to him at  events in Toronto, Boston and San Francisco. I have always been amazed by Brian’s clear understanding of what he writes about/edits/links too and how much he cares about the writers that work with him and the community they serve.

In my first couple of years at, when encountering a new Linux source that was hesitant to speak with me I often began a conversation with – “I’ve worked with Brian Proffitt’ – which was often more than enough to open any door.

LinuxToday for years has been the standard bearer of the Linux community and Brian has been its ‘prophet’. It has been an honor working at the same company that has employed him.

Thanks for all your help over the years Brian and best of luck in your new journey at the Linux Foundation!

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