Chrome’s market share less than shiny

After all the hype surrounding Google’s Chrome browser – which we are as guilty of as anyone else – how much market share do you think it has after week one?

If you guessed less than one percent, come on down and claim your prize.

The tracking service Net Applications reports that Chrome usage has dropped from 1.7 percent last week when Chrome was first released to around 0.75 percent, quite a drop.

Of course, that’s not indicative of anything. Sure, there was a mad rush to download and try it. And then everyone goes back to their old browser. Chrome had a lot of nifty elements to it, but it’s still pretty early software and had more than a few problems and shortcomings.

There was also some negative news surrounding the browser, like the restrictive End User License Agreement (EULA), which Google quickly fixed, and the revelation that your searches are being saved by Google. So that may have scared some people off.

Its eventual fate is yet to be determined. It’s all in Google’s hands. It needs to fix the browser’s bugs, work on that UI and make sure privacy concerns are met. Of course, it could very well be that Google simply wants the Chrome technology to show up in other browsers, a very altruistic thing, and doesn’t care if it stays in the single digits.

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