Cisco CEO Fast Pitches the Yankees

Tuesday, Cisco CEO John Chambers will be in the Big Apple to announce a partnership with the New York Yankees. Details haven’t been announced. The press invite says in part:

“Cisco Chairman and CEO John Chambers, along with a marquee sports franchise, will make a significant news announcement in New York City and discuss not only their partnership and a shared vision for addressing the next generation sporting fan experience, but Cisco will be announcing a game-changing technology advancement.”

A confirmation email to those attending referred to it as the Cisco New York Yankees press event. The Yankees are slated to move into a new stadium in time for the 2009 season.

The networking giant is making deep investments and sales to professional sports teams to bring various connectivity products to ball parks and arenas including the NBA, National Hockey League and Major League Baseball.

In the case of baseball, Cisco already has a partnership with the Oakland Athletics, which has agreed to purchase 143 acres of land from Cisco in suburban Fremont, Calif. The new Cisco Field would be designed specifically for baseball and include Cisco’s networking technology to help connect fans to instant replays, email and other features at their seats.

However, the A’s are still dealing with environmental impact reports, the slowing economy and other issues that may delay its planned 2011 debut.

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