Cisco’s Chambers & EMC’s Tucci: Buddies in Bad Times


From the ‘Former Wang Employees’  files:

Sometimes is not what you know that’s important, it’s who you know — right?

This week, Cisco, EMC and VMware entered into a partnership for delivering integrated virtual data center solutions.

Aside from the news itself, one of the most interesting pieces of drama in the whole event was the extreme chumminess between Cisco CEO John Chambers and EMC CEO Joe Tucci.

During the event there were a few back slaps (and the pic left from Cisco shows one of them, that’s Chambers on the left and Tucci on the right) and many friendly words shared and said between the two CEOs.

Chambers said at multiple points during the launch press conference how his 20 years of friendship with Tucci helped to make the deal possible. Chambers actually worked for Tucci at one point, when both men were at the now-defunct Wang Labs.

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