Cisco’s Magical Fairy Tale Router


What does Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, Cupid and the Stork all have in common?

Well beyond being fairy tale kind of characters, they’re all apparently Cisco customers too.

As part of a marketing effort ahead of today’s launch of the ASR 1000 router (which I wrote about over on the main site) Cisco had a campaign about network uber-users.

Sure the actual launch event webcast had networking super-star and Cisco CEO John Chambers, but apparently real star power (and users) rests with Santa and his fairy tale friends.

YES it is a little cheesy, especially for a platform that cost $250 million to develop, but it is also funny.
In one of the Cisco clips with the baby delivering Stork, the Stork talks about why the ASR will help him in his job. Apparently the ASR 1000 will help prevent deliveries from going to the wrong parents which as the stork relates in the Cisco ad,  is always a bummer.

So remember, it’s not just magic pixie dust that gives mythical characters their power – it’s also the  (Cisco) network.

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