Citrix vs. VMware in open source Xen cloud initiative


Amid many VMware-related VMworld announcements, Citrix announced today that, the home of the open source Xen cloud computing project, will build an open-source cloud infrastructure called the Xen Cloud Platform (XCP).

“Today Xen is already the most widely used hypervisor in the service provider market and the community will be able to build on this momentum to develop a complete, open source, cloud-optimized Xen virtual infrastructure platform,” said Ian Pratt, creator of Xen and founder of, in a statement.

The project aims to build open standards for virtualization management, improve the allocation of virtual workloads including transitioning workloads between datacenters, build a virtual switch, and enable massive cloud infrastructures.

A challenge to VMware?

It all sounds like a challenge to VMware, and specifically a challenge to VMware’s latest core software product, vSphere 4.0. For example, a virtual switch, namely Cisco’s Nexus 1000V virtual switch, played a large role in the launch of vSphere 4.0.

A key executive admitted that VMware looms large in the psyche, but claimed that Xen is simply providing features its users need.

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