CODA brings accounting to Salesforce

Salesforce now has an accounting application, an app that promises to grow the cloud ecosystem. Harrogate, UK-based CODA today released the full version of its cloud computing accounting software, CODA 2go, which retails at $125 per user per month, with cheaper (but undisclosed) pricing for read-only users. CODA 2go runs on Salesforce‘s (NYSE: CRM) platform.

A version of CODA 2go that could track only sales was released in November of 2008.

CODA is a subsidiary of Netherlands-based business information software company Unit 4 Agresso and was founded 30 years ago.

The software could be as significant as Salesforce’s CRM, said Jeremy Roche, CEO of CODA. “We have two objectives with this announcement,” said Roche. “We want to take our accounting software skills to wider audience — such as mid-sized companies that we cannot sell to in the traditional way — and to do for accounting what Salesforce did for CRM and use the platform to do it.”

The news comes as Salesforce itself is opening a new line of business, reaching out to call centers with its Service Cloud offering. With each additional product, the cloud reaches a new part of the organization, and there’s plenty of scope for growth within existing customers. Robert Mahowald, director of on-demand and SaaS research for IDC, said recently at the IDC Software as a Service Summit that in large enterprises, only the lowest cost applications, such as CRM and collaboration, have moved to SaaS so far.

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