Comcast at 100G (Gigabits/sec)


From the we’re faster than you files:

I’ve been writing about the race to 100G for some time and for the most part it has just been about when it will be ready.

How does today sound? 

Comcast is testing a 100G solution from Nortel Networks this week. According to Nortel and Comcast, the trial will mark the first time that actual real internet traffic will travel at 100G on Comcast’s existing network which includes both 10G and 40G links today.

“Comcast is testing the very future of networking with this 100G
network trial. We can only imagine what new innovations may be sparked
by the capabilities made possible with this technology,” said Philippe
Morin, president, Metro Ethernet Networks, Nortel in a statement.

Today the fastest connection that service providers have been able to deploy is 40G (usually OC-768). The leap to 100G is a massive step forward, especially since (as Nortel and Comcast are demonstrating this week) it can be done with the existing fiber that is already in the ground.

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