ConSentry warns of LAN sprawl

It’s another example of how IT administration isn’t getting any easier. Today ConSentry published a report warning that IT managers have to manage more things than ever before, even if the number of users on a network is not growing.

There are more mobile devices, more non-approved applications, more non-user IP devices, more approved applications, and more remote workers than ever before.

The research was conducted independently by Loudhouse and covered users in the US and UK.

“We were surprised by the degree to which those surveyed agreed that there was a problem,” Jeff Prince, ConSentry co-founder, chairman, and CTO, told For example, 91 percent of those surveyed agreed that managing users who had multiple devices or IDs was a problem. 92 percent agreed users are likely to access different parts of the network at different depending on what they’re working on.

Developers don’t make an IT manager’s life any easier. “Decisions to innovate business processes are often made without considering the impact on the network,” the report said.

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