Couch merges with Membase in Couchbase NoSQL team-up

From ‘Relaxing Mergers‘ files:

In a move that is all about scalability- memcached vendor Membase is merging with NoSQL vendor CouchOne. The new company will be called Couchbase.

CouchOne is the commercial entity led by CouchDB founder Damien Katz. I’ve written about CouchDB a few times over the years and I use the database myself (as do millions of Ubuntu users) everyday. CouchOne started off as a company called Couchio, before it changed its name in 201.

Membase on the other hand started out as memcached vendor NorthScale that grew their own NoSQL/memcached database, called ..Membase.

Personally, I had always thought that CouchDB already had pretty decent scalability, but the new merger aims to expand that.

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