Cymphonix rolls network security via iPhone

From the ‘there’s an app for that?‘ files:

Most network security vendors have some kind of browser based interface by which admins can monitor networks. Web security vendor Cymphonix is going a step further and extending their interface to Apple’s iPhone as an app.

That’s right – you can monitor and control your network from an iPhone (provided you have Cymphonix’s gear).

My first thought when I saw this news was, why not just use the built-in Safari browser (or the web browser on any other mobile device for that matter).

As it turns out, network security information is often designed for regular PC sized screens making them difficult (if not impossible) to be comprehensible for phone users.

Brent Nixon, president of Cymphonix explained to me that what the  iPhone app enables Cymphonix to do is get the same
info as the full browser version just presented as a lite version. Cymphonix does not have a Blackberry version, though Nixon told me that his company is investigating what it would take to build their client for other
devices, but at this point he had no definitive plans.

It sure sounds simple enough to me and as the iPhone continues to gain market traction, I’d be surprised if we don’t see a whole lot of network security apps show up in the App Store sooner rather than later.

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