Data intelligence firm Atigeo lands IBM

Atigeo will have its formal coming out party next week at the [Web 2.0 Summit ]( San Francisco. CEO and co-founder Michael Sandoval is a former director of partner strategy and general manager at Microsoft where he worked for ten years overseeing three consulting groups at the software giant that catered to the needs of large companies.

That experience led to the creation of Atigeo, an “intelligence platform” company based in Bellevue, WA. Atigeo, the result of a four year R&D effort, is, the company said, built on the principle of consumer empowerment. More details about the company and IBM’s involvement will be announced next week, but it already has customers and a fair bit of information at its [Web site](


Atigeo’s xPatterns platform, Lifepass, is designed to let consumers manage their digital identity, have more personalized online experiences, and increase their privacy. The company said enterprise partners can use the intelligent algorithms and adaptive learning woven into xPatterns, to discover, understand, and act on data patterns that may be overlooked by traditional analytics tools.

In contrast to conventional thinking, Atigeo said it believes consumers and companies can find greater success when individuals control their personal information, and allow businesses to market to them on their terms. The idea is to let consumers receive more relevant messaging, and, in theory, businesses gain more satisfied customers.

xPatterns is described as a high definition data relevance platform that uses advanced artificial intelligence to learn and derive true knowledge from data to facilitate personalized human experiences of “unprecedented relevance.”

[SportsBuy](, “the world’s largest dedicated marketplace for sports collectibles,” had offered customers recommendations based on a static keyword search system, but said it moved to Atigeo for greater personalization and relevance. Also, Atigeo’s Lifepass protects the individual user’s data in a private profile resident with the user, instead of cookies, which puts Atigeo in compliance with the most stringent US and EU privacy regulations.

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