Debian Lenny to be followed by Squeeze

From the “at least the names aren’t as strange as Ubuntu’s” files:

The Debian GNU/Linux distribution is nearly the final release of its Debian Lenny distribution. Debian Lenny is the replacement for Etch which came out in April of 2007.

Where does Debian gets its names from? It’s all about the Toys – Toy Story toys that is.

Debian names its distros after toys from the Pixar film (previous releases include Sarge, Woody, Potato, slink, hamm, bo, rex and buzz). So who is still left?

How bout Squeeze?

Don’t remember Squeeze? That’s the three eyed aliens from inside the Pizza Planet game (with the claw that grabs them).

With a new found momentum coming from the upcoming Lenny release it will be interesting to see if Debian can keep it up for Squeeze.

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