Delfigo Security uncloaks with DSGateway app

Delfigo Security this week released its DSGateway application, available in cloud or licensed software formats. The new application promises to solve identify management issues at a fraction of the cost with cloud computing efficiency.

The product provides a granular measure of certainty in identifying users by employing 14 Confidence Factors (CFs). “Most of these CFs have always been available,” Ralph Rodriguez, President, CEO and founder of Delfigo Security, told “But the paradigm has always been ‘all-in’ or ‘all-out.'”

DSGateway promotes a different paradigm. In between accepting and rejecting a user’s credentials, organizations can give partial access — or multiple degrees of partial access — to a user based on the degree of certainty with which the system can assure the application that the user is in fact who they say they are.

The 14 CFs include such obvious data as time zone, screen size, browser, device, and operating system. They also include one that is patent-pending and is based on original research by Rodriguez who worked as a research fellow under Professor Marvin Minsky at the MIT Media Lab, according to Delfigo Security.

The research showed that a user could be identified by the pattern of their keyboard usage and that usage could be captured using a Java-compatible browser, according to Delfigo Security.

Data elements that make up a keyboard usage fingerprint include flight time, dwell time, and time from key to key, according to Rodriguez.

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