Dell and AT&T to offer Android smartphone?

Dell and AT&T are planning to launch a new Android phone in early 2010, according to a [report ]( the *Wall Street Journal*.

The report said that Dell expects to launch an Android-powered smartphone in conjunction with AT&T, marking Dell’s first entry into the competitive smartphone market.

If reports are true, it would also be the first Android-powered handset for AT&T, which is currently the sole carrier for the iPhone — and the only major network without an Android handset.

[Verizon Wireless yesterday unveiled plans](/mobility/article.php/3842486/Verizon+Google+Partner+Up+on+Android.htm) to bring Android handsets to market under a new partnership with Google, while Sprint is offering the HTC Hero and Samsung Moment.

T-Mobile was the first to come out with an Android smartphone, the G1, last year, and now also sells the myTouch and is slated to offer the Behold II by Samsung.

The *Wall Street Journal*, which cited people who were briefed on the plans, said that the phone will have a touchscreen instead of a keypad, similar to Apple’s iPhone, and will also have a tiny camera.

The phone is reported to be similar to a device that Dell showed in China in August, but has some additional features. The company is also in discussions about offering the Android device on other U.S. carriers.

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