Dell CTO Kettler leaving – Good luck with the BBQ.

From the “good luck with the BBQ” files:

Dell CTO Kevin Kettler is leaving the company in January of 2009 after 13 years of service. I had the good fortune of meeting Kettler twice – once in Boston and once in San Francisco. In both cases the event was a LinuxWorld related activity.

Virtualization with Linux was a key theme that Kettler talked about in both cases. He saw it as a way to help drive efficiencies even though it could ultimately mean fewer physical boxes. 

Times are what they are and everyone in the economy is now struggling including Dell. The difficult economy has many casualties, both direct and collateral. A Dell spokesperson told Reuters that, the departure is something Kettler had been working on for some time.

At a Boston Dinner with Kettler in 2006, I remember Kettler talking fondly of his BBQ. Sure it was an informal moment, but it’s stuff like that which provides insights in people’s personalities.

Though Kettler is leaving Dell, I suspect that Kettler isn’t out of the game entirely. He’s too young, too sharp and too skilled. If I was a betting man I’d bet that we haven’t seen the last of Kettler – though I do suspect that his BBQ will be getting a serious workout in the weeks ahead.

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