Dell Latitude ON – big win for Linux

From the “who needs a pre-load when you’re embedded” files:

Dude – if you’re getting a Dell then you’re getting Linux.

No you don’t have to order one of those fancy Ubuntu pre-load deals. This is an embedded Linux that will be available on a whole bunch of new Dell Latitude laptops in a feature called Latitude ON. This is a feature that uses an embedded Linux to allow for instant on access to email, calendar and Internet.

So even if you pay for Windows Vista on a Dell Latitude – when you want instant on – you’ll boot Linux.

Everyone at one point or another has suffered the trials of a long boot up time (on Window or Linux) with an embedded OS (Linux cause it does embedded best) boot time becomes a non-issue. On consumer electronics devices (TV, camera’s, DVDs) we don’t wait for a boot so why should we on laptops?

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