Dell preloading Novell’s SUSE Linux on thin clients

From the ‘Linux is thin’ files:

Novell announced this morning that it will be preloaded onto Dell’s OptiPlex FX160 thin client hardware. Thin client computing and Linux makes a lot of sense since Linux can often be configured to have a significantly smaller footprint that other OS’s (like Windows) making a thin client experience faster and more powerful.

I’ve been writing about Linux thin clients for years and it’s an area where Linux really should excel. Fundamentally though, thin client users shouldn’t really care about the OS, the only thing that really matters is that their apps are available (delivered via the central server), the OS itself really should be transparent.

As for the inclusion of Novell’s SUSE Linux by Dell, I personally see this as just another choice that Dell is making available to its customers. Certainly Dell also ships other hardware with both Red Hat and Ubuntu Linux as well.

With the current state of the economy, the push toward thin client computing might well get a boost this year as companies continue to try and do more with less. It’s a push that could end up pushing more Linux too.

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