DHS: Cyberspace isn’t the Wild West #BlackHatUSA

From the ‘Big Words‘ files:

LAS VEGAS. Jane Holl Lute (pic left), the deputy secretary of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security took the stage at Black Hat this morning with a key message.

Lute said that cyberspace isn’t the wild west and it’s not a jungle either.

“What is DHS trying to do?” Lute said. “We’re trying to create a safe security resilient place where the American way of life can thrive.”

Lute added that the mission of DHS isn’t necessarily about more governance

“The goal here is not control, it’s confidence.”

Lute also face some tough questions from the audience including a question about why anyone should trust the DHS to do their job, when the TSA and other U.S. agencies seem to be lacking. Lute responded that she thinks the U.S. can have security and citizen rights but there needs to be a debate about the balance.

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