Did Ubuntu disrespect Fedora Linux with openrespect?

From the ‘We Don’t Really Like You‘ files:

Flame wars are a part of open source development and communities. A new effort called openrespect.org wants to try and change the tone of cross-distribution name-calling, but I think they’ve really gotten off on the wrong foot.

Openrespect.org is founded by Ubuntu Linux community manager Jono Bacon, as a way to encourage mutual respect across Linux distributions. Apparently though that mutual respect didn’t fully extend to Red Hat’s community Fedora Linux distribution.

“Jono Bacon talked to Jared (Smith, Fedora Project Leader) about this, and said he would draft a
statement and would involve Jared but ended up releasing via his blog
without collaborating before release and emailed Jared afterwards,” Fedora’s Board Meeting notes for this week state.

That’s pretty lame in my book.

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