DoD security outreach program will expand this year

The Department of Defense has confirmed that its cybersecurity outreach program to vital companies will grow this year.

The program, called the Defense Industrial Base (DIB) Cyber Security Task Force was established in early September 2007 “to more effectively mitigate the risk to
DoD information on DIB unclassified networks,” wrote Lt. Col. Eric Butterbaugh in an e-mail to

He added that it’s still a pilot program and that the DoD anticipates adding companies to the program later this year. If you’re a major government contractor or financial institution, expect to be tapped if the program runs according to plan.

Here’s the plan. “In addition to information sharing between DoD and DIB partners, the program also includes a damage assessment, when necessary. Damage assessments require the involvement of the DIB partner to determine the impact of intrusions into their unclassified networks containing or processing DoD program information,” wrote Butterbaugh.

The goal is to improve how the U.S. military works with the private sector, and mostly that means improving the buying program, known as the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulations (DFAR).

“This process will take time and involves participation by the private
sector,” Butterbaugh noted.

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