Does Mozilla’s Jetpack gallery spell the end of add-ons?

From the ‘Future of Browsing‘ files:

I’ve been a fan of Mozilla’s open source Jetpack since it publicly launched this past May. Like millions of other people, I use browser add-ons, and like millions of people I suffer with their numerous shortcomings.

Jetpack represents a new way to do add-ons, they’re easier to develop and easier for users to consume. They update on their own and they don’t require a browser restart to work. But until this week there was no easy way to actually find Jetpack extensions.

That has now changed with the launch of Jetpack Gallery which is kinda/sorta like the add-ons Mozilla site already has for its (soon to be) legacy add-ons.

“The gallery makes it easy for developers to host and promote their Firefox Jetpack add-ons, and makes it even easier for users to find those great new features,” Mozilla developers wrote in a blog post.”For developers, the Jetpack gallery makes it easy to host and promote Jetpacks.”

I agree with Mozilla, but I still think there is one MAJOR element missing. Jetpack is still not directly integrated into the mainline for Firefox browser development.

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