Does Silverlight on Linux matter?

From the ‘Practical Utility‘ files:

During the Intel Developer Forum this week, Microsoft announced that it was planning on delivering its Silverlight media for Intel’s Moblin Linux.

This was a piece of news that caught me off guard a bit. After all, isn’t Novell’s Moonlight effort, Silverlight on Linux?

What’s the point of replicating what Novell already does?

What Microsoft is actually doing in this case isn’t necessarily an incident of stepping on their own partners toes. Rather the way I see it, Microsoft is actually followed a very common open source tradition. In open source, there is often two (or more) choices of applications/libraries for any type of application. Just look at the desktop, there is GNOME, KDE, Xfce, Fluxbox and a few others. They all kinda/sorta do the same thing don’t they?

That said the deeper question of having Silverlight on Moblin is about need, or lack thereoff.

Does anyone really need Silverlight on Linux? 

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