DragonFly BSD 2.4 released. It’s not FreeBSD anymore

From the “Long-Lived Forks‘ files:

DragonFly BSD 2.4 is now out,including a new 64-bit ISO image, kernel and feature updates.

According to the release notes, the single most invasive change is the introduction of DEVFS.

“The /dev filesystem is now mounted by the kernel after it mounts the root filesystem,” the release notes state.

DragonFly BSD developers already know that the DEVFS change, as well as a few other items, might be problematic for some users. There is already a plan to release version 2.4.1 in a month to deal with issues that come up.

New features, aside, what is interesting to me is that DragonFly BSD still exists. It’s an effort that started out in 2003 as a fork of FreeBSD 4.x. Here we are six years later and this fork is still alive and well.

FreeBSD is now moving toward its FreeBSD 8 release and many, many things have changed, in both BSD’s.

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