Facebook exec mulls bid for attorney general

Maybe it does payoff to have a lot of friends on Facebook.

Chris Kelly, Facebook’s Chief Privacy Officer and Head of Global Public Policy, has just announced he’s formed a committee to explore running for California Attorney General in 2010.

How serious is this bid? Hey, he’s already got a [Kelly2010 ](http://Kelly2010)Web site devoted to the effort.

“Over the past year, many people I respect have asked me to run for California Attorney General in 2010. Today, after much consideration, I am announcing that I’ve launched a committee to further explore the race,” Kelly said in a statement. “As the next Attorney General of California, I would utilize my experience to protect California consumers, maintain an open and accountable government, and guarantee an effective legal system.”

In a video at the site, Kelly notes his first job out of law school was as a law clerk in San Diego, helping a federal judge handle criminal and civil cases. He was also an advisor to the Clinton administration after working for him during the 1992 presidential campaign.

Facebook has had its share of [privacy-related controversies](/storage/article.php/3803306/Facebook+Scrambles+to+Nip+Privacy+Controversy.htm), but it’s also helped pioneer the whole social networking phenomena and had to figure out some of the do’s and don’ts on a trial by error basis.
“At Facebook I lead an outstanding team that is building a safer and more trusted online experience for more than 200 million people,” said Kelly.

“For the past four years, I’ve worked closely with Attorneys General across the nation to help make the Internet safer for consumers of all ages, particularly young people. I understand the technological challenges parents face in protecting their children from potential online predators and preserving online privacy because I have been building systems to help protect you and your children. Improving Internet safety for young people and providing people of all ages with a safer online experience will be a critical role for me as your Attorney General.”

Kelly said the exploratory committee will help him determine “how I can best continue my contributions to a safer, more secure and more transparent California. California’s justice system and our political system as a whole need a transformation that will enhance the lives of all Californians. California has been victim to inefficient government and wasteful spending. It’s time for that to change.”

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