Fedora 11 gets a name

From the “this is SPARTA, um I mean Linux” files:

Fedora Project Leader Paul Frields has named the winner of the Fedora 11 naming sweepstakes…and the winner is:
Leonidas (and his band of over 300) beat out Blarney, Brasilia
Indomitable,  and 
Zampone as the name for Fedora 11. 
The Fedora Project started the voting on the name for Fedora 11 in early January (ohh and for the record I picked Leonidas as my fav back on Jan 5th).

Though many of us think of Leonidas as the Spartan hero (a legend that was recently on the big screen in the movie 300), Red Hat Fedora’s wiki describing the names does not list that connection. Instead the wiki states:

Leonidas was a ship in the Union navy

OK then. Whatever the context, Leonidas is the name. No doubt there will be plenty of room to make comparisons to the Spartan hero and try and put Fedora in the same shoes.

Will Fedora Leonidas hold of the hordes of Xerxes (Windows7) at the gate?
Will Fedora Leonidas  benefit or hurt from the efforts of its fellow Greeks (Ubuntu Jaunty)?

Only time will tell whether or not this distro will be “heroic” or not. Fedora Leonidas is currently scheduled for a May 26, 2009 release.

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