Fedora 11 release date slips to June 9th

From the ‘better late than never‘ files:

Fedora Linux 11 was originally scheduled to be out this week (May 26th), but that got bumped to June 2nd and now is being pushed back another week to June 9th.

Fedora staffer Jesse Keating noted that there was a late bug discovered in anaconda storage that is triggering the push back.

“The change is important
but invasive enough to require re-validating our storage tests,” Keating wrote in a mailing list posting. “We were
already late in producing the Release Candidate and there is not enough
time to produce another one and validate it in time for next Tuesday’s
release date. Therefore we have decided to enact another week long slip
of the release.”

In the meantime, Fedora will push out a second release candidate and make sure it is validated ahead of June 9th.

“As much as we regret
slipping, we also wish to avoid easily trigger-able bugs in our release,
particularly in software that cannot be fixed with a 0-day update,” Keating wrote.

Personally, I think this is a very responsible move. I know that many times with Fedora (and other Linux distros too) there is often a huge list of updates within the same day of an official release, making new releases a very painful and unstable experience. Ensuring that the release is a solid as possible – especially in core elements – is good thing.

There are lots of new items in Fedora 11 to look forward too including full ext4 by default, faster boot times,  DeviceKit and other features that will make this new release something to look forward too (when finally released).

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