Fedora 14 alpha gets ROOT

From the ‘Famous Physicist‘ files:

The first alpha of Red Hat’s Fedora 14 Linux is now avail, and it sure has a very long list of new features.  There are improvements to security, performance and virtualization as well as some interesting new analysis technology.

“Given that Fedora 14 is named after one of the giants of modern theoretical physics, it seems appropriate that Laughlin sees the introduction to Fedora of ”’ROOT”’, an object-oriented, open-source platform for data acquisition, simulation and data analysis developed by CERN,” Fedora developer Dennis Gilmore wrote in a mailing list posting.

On the security front there is new SCAP (Security Content Automation Protocol) support built-in which is a huge bonus for Fedora in my opinion. I saw a session on the new tech at LinuxCon a few weeks back and I was blown away by it.

Virtualization is always a big theme for Red Hat and in Fedora 14, I think we’ll be seeing the biggest user-facing desktop improvement in years. Fedora 14 will include the Spice (Simple Protocol for Independent Computing Environment) as an open source solution for dealing with virtual desktops.

And for netbook users – a MeeGo 1.0 version is also part of the mix.

Lots of exciting stuff for sure to look forward too as Fedora 14 goes through its development process. The final release of Fedora 14 is currently scheduled for November 2, 2010.

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