Fedora 15 Linux hits first alpha, debuts BoxGrinder for cloud


From the ‘Should Have Been Called Vegas’ files:

Fedora 15, codenamed ‘Lovelock’ now has its first alpha milestone available. This is a BIG release for Fedora in that it’s the first Fedora of the post Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 era, and oh yeah first with GNOME 3, SystemD and BoxGrinder.

GNOME 3, including GNOME Shell mark the evolution of the Linux desktop and Fedora is likely to be the first big Linux distro to full integrate it. When it comes to systemd, that’s been a long time coming, but in Fedora 15, it’s finally fully baked making it easier and faster to manage and startup background daemons.

BoxGrinder is another story and is a very exciting technology. Red Hat first starting talking about BoxGrinder a year ago as a new way to build virtual software appliances (think SUSE Studio from rival Novell).

The key differentiator for BoxGrinder is its cloud focus, BoxGrinder is intended to enable developers to build an application platform
image that could then be deployed on any cloud, and be easily

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