Fedora 15 will not be going to Vegas

From the ‘Missed Opportunities‘ files:

The Fedora 14 Linux release codenamed ‘Laughlin’ is just around the corner — which means it’s now time for Fedora community to name Fedora 15.

Back in May, I thought that Vegas was the obvious choice. The way that Fedora choose its release names has to do with a relationship with the previous release. So I figured, well Laughlin is in Nevada so is Vegas and there you go.

Apparently not one Fedora contributor agreed with me, and even though other names like Roswell and Viva were on the long list.

The short list of names that Fedora community member will get to vote on includes:


The one name that stuck out to me on the short list is pushcart. The rationale for its inclusion is:

The Pushcart prize focuses on independent press and independence is also
a keyword for Linux/Fedora. The idea of a compact, convenient yet very
practical vehicle that is naturally adapted by its users fits Fedora.

So next year we could have a Pushcart going up against a Narwall. Nice.

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