FeedBack: Don’t Subject Mac Devotees to the Big Dig

Commenting on Apple Risks Backlash With Macworld Fiasco by Colin Haley. . .

I agree with your assessment. Unfortunately, I think it has been well known that Steve Jobs prefers New York over Boston for a long time now.

Some rumor sites said that Steve has been known to call Boston some very unfriendly names. I wouldn’t be surprised if it is true. Anyway, I hope you are right; and Apple and IDG work out the problems. – Brent Carlson, a Mac addict… definitely.

I’ve been to Boston recently. I would not want to subject thousands of Mac devotees to the traffic jams that are caused by daily construction and road closures.

The Big Dig is a retirement opportunity for construction workers and it will be an ongoing project for another generation of construction workers. What a mess, and that mess will not go away for another 20 years, if ever.

Move the convention to Niagara Falls if you have to move it.
– JJ

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