Feedback: IT’s Future Is Looking Out

Software development is not only about coding. It’s architecture, specification, design, metrics, performance, etc. Outsourcing all of those skills will lead to loosing touch with reality. To understand the discipline and the process a good manager should deal with the above development components on regular basis and locally. — Alex Greysukh,
Boston, Masschusetts

Outsourcing in the IT industry has killed my career, and I
believe that it will be detrimental to the IT industry.

Back in the mid to late 90’s, the IT industry was wonderful. Finding work
was very easy, and pay rates were good. Come 2001, that changed drastically…. Every employer was snapping up college graduates that they could pay next to nothing, leaving the experienced techs struggling for the scraps left over. Now that most of your major corporations are outsourcing IT jobs overseas,
the slim pickings have become even slimmer. After working for Microsoft,
and seeing first hand how outsourcing can affect customer satisfaction, I
honestly wonder how much of a value outsourcing really is. Quality
assurance is a major issue with outsourcing.

At this point (coming up on three years of actively searching for an IT
job), I have given up on IT as a career. The market is too cut-throat, HR
departments are looking for the absolute cheapest way out, and it’s just
flat out way more hassle than it’s worth, especially with employers asking
you to give up your social/family life for a quarter of what you were previously
making. I’ll just stick with my music production, and setting up digital
studios… At least people still appreciate music (unlike their friendly,
local IT expert). — Mike Hilty, Trilogy GraFX Enterprises

Why don’t you come out and say it? If I had to do it over again I would have been a lawyer, a doctor or an entertainer, but not an IT person.

I started in IT 24 years ago and I am now making substantially less money than 5 years ago. We should pass a law restricting companies from moving jobs to India and China otherwise we will probably all have to move there. We should all realize that these dirt cheap jobs overseas are going to be the end of the USA. We need our output to be greater than our imports or we will fail. Its that simple.

I would definitely not recommend my kids go into IT. Its been a terrible 3 years and it’s not going to get better unless we vote in someone who will rise up and create a law that limits IT jobs in India and China. — Doug Cabell

Your article would be funny if it wasn’t so sad. Exactly how do you suppose that people in this country will get the technical expertise to understand technology so that they can manage relationships with suppliers?

In the technology fields people learn by moving up the ranks. College does not prepare people for the real world of IT. Rather it provides the foundation for learning when they get into the business world. With the High Tech industry being outsourced, the ladder for people to develop the kind of expertise you are talking about is being withdrawn.

If you are an American citizen that cares about the future of this country, you might want to consider being less of cheerleader because outsourcing of the High Tech industries will cripple this country in the future. Picture the U.S. as a third world country with the majority of jobs being Walmart clerks. That is where we are headed. — Vicky Davis, Idaho Falls, ID

I am sick of this whining about India and China. Using lawyers, U.S. companies
stole disk drives from the Scottish company, Rodime, that invented them. Same
thing happened with cyclonic vacuum cleaners. The U.S.A. has a sanctimonious
belief that technology belongs to you and US courts favour US businesses
against foreign inventors.

The salaries in the US IT industry have been grotesque. The sooner the tech
is spread around the world the better. I would make patents for IT last 5 years. I would charge companies $10 million a year for trade mark protection. — Pillarboxred, UK

Original article: IT’s Future Is Looking Out

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