Feedback: Microsoft’s Next Battle Is Open

Replying to Can Microsoft Erase Handwriting on the Wall? by Chris Nerney

Your article seems to concede victory in the J2EE vs. .NET server battle to
Microsoft. I’m a little surprised since most
pundits seem to think that Java is still alive and kicking on the server.

Is the next big Microsoft battle then .NET vs. LAMP (Linux Apache mySQL PHP)?
Jack Herrington

Not to be nit-picky, but couldn’t this article have been written exactly as it is 1 year ago?

The question is, will ignorant users suddenly become ‘enlightened’? Doubtful, at best. The best information on the latest stage of the battle between “Microsloth” and everyone else is probably found in the press reviews of the latest versions of Mandrake or Linux. When the art-major writers start saying “Linux is now Plug and Play for Dummies,” then the writing on the wall for Big Bill will start bleeding omens.
Dan Conine

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