Feedback: Morale, Copyrights and Brand Marketing

Re: No Mystery: The Slow Growth of Interactive Marketing by Chris Elwell

I found Mr. Elwell’s commentary (Feb 26, 2003) on the state of interactive marketing to be largely misguided. His analysis missed many of the major dynamics in the interactive marketing today, especially among ad agencies. I found his words to be more lamenting the death of the “New Economy” rather than truly evaluating the state of interactive marketing today…

…I will concede that ad agencies are not buying as much interactive media as they have in the past, but this does not mean they have left the interactive marketing arena. The trend in ad sales represents a shift in on-line marketing tactics. I would argue it is a sign of maturity for marketing efforts on-line.

–Matthew Syrett, Grey Interactive

Thanks for an excellent summation of a major issue. Marketers are refusing to insist on what’s best for their brands!

–Keith O’Brien,

Re: Copyrights: More Work, More Headaches by Bob Liu

Sounds like the RIAA needs to come up with a new way of distributing music. They shouldn’t be demanding colleges or anyone for that matter, to police there servers for file sharing/music sharing/whatever you want to call it.

Of course most people won’t buy music if they can’t make a copy of whatever they buy, right? Consumer protection rights, right? I think the RIAA should concentrate on a completely different way of distributing music. One that will ensure they make their billions and one that allows consumers the ability to backup what they purchase.

–Robert Parent

I found your article, “Copyrights: More Work, More Headaches,” to be very informative. I was however disappointed to see no mention of “fair use.” Like any other liberty, if fair use is not exercised it is weakened. I think you missed a good change to flex the fair use muscle.

Thanks for a good read.


Re: Another Victim of Hard Times: Morale by Chris Nerney

I appreciated your article “Another Victim of Hard Times: Morale.” You hit everything right-on-the-head with this commentary. My wireless broadband start-up closed its doors two years ago and then the tech sector went belly-up. And not necessarily in that order.

I know so many people on the West Coast that are either still looking or have given up on job hunting altogether. I myself feel fortunate though. I have had two separate contract jobs in two years. I would rather be an employee in a stable job with a stable future. And IRA growth, rather than IRA depression.

Anyway. Good article.

–Don Schneider

Super article…right on target. I see things like this daily
in my 27 years with the company. Thank you.

–Thomas Hebzynski, Prudential.

In researching e-commerce sites to advertise our services, I came across your article “Another Victim of Hard Times: Morale” at Great piece. Being an agency that supports IT contractors, I feel their pain and my own as I recognize that such changes effect us all in one way or another.

–Suzanne Fazalare, Howard Marquis

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