Firefox 3.0.2 coming next week fixing EULA

From the “we hear you” files:

As I reported yesterday, Mozilla has admitted that the Firefox EULA was flawed so it will be taken out for the upcoming Firefox 3.0.2 and releases. **UPDATED**

The Firefox 3.0.2 and releases have been pushed back by a week according to Mozilla’s Mike Beltzner, with the EULA issue being one of three additional bugs that have been fixed. The plan is to ship the new browsers next week. **UPDATED** Mike Beltzner just left me a comment on the EULA fix issue.

The EULA bug in the Firefox 3.0.2 respin is actually unrelated to the issue with Ubuntu; it’s about ensuring that if someone compiles the unbranded version of the browser no EULA is shown.

So, it’s not quite the EULA ‘fix’, I had thought at first but still… I know that Mozilla is working on EULA ‘stuff’ overall and that’s a good thing right?.

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