Firefox 3.5.1 update coming this month

From the ‘but I just downloaded a new version…‘ files:

Firefox 3.5 has been out for barely two days – but an update is already being planned for later this month.

The Firefox 3.5.1 update will fix at least three key bugs that didn’t get fixed in time for the official Firefox 3.5 release.

According to a Mozilla meeting wiki post :

“The goal of this release (3.5.1)should be a quick-turnaround that:
fixes topcrashes and bugs we almost held ship for…can be shipped to 3.5 users in mid-to-late july, so narrow scope, small change.”

Some of the top crash bugs in the upcoming update include one to fix for a bug where

Arabic letters are disconnected in edit fields.

At present, I personally don’t see any major security items that are tagged for the 3.5.1 update, but that is likely to change for a few reasons. One reason is that on July 10th, Mozilla has scheduled a Firefox 3.5 Security Testday.

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