Firefox 4 Android debuts – will you use it instead of Chrome?

From the ‘No Apple Version‘ files:

A week after the desktop version, Firefox 4 for Android is now out. The general idea is to provide Android users with the same Firefox experience they get on the desktop.

No there isn’t an Apple iOS version and from what Mozilla has told me and publicly stated multiple time, one isn’t coming either.

Android users generally have Google’s Chrome browser already and I suspect that those that are already using Chrome on the desktop won’t be likely to switch. They aren’t however, Mozilla’s target market in my view.

Mozilla Firefox 4 Android is likely best suited for users of Firefox 4 on the desktop. With Firefox Sync the desktop and mobile experience can be linked, sharing tabs and preferences as users moved from desktop to wireless.

To the best of my knowledge, this is also the first time that Mozilla has shipped a mobile browser that so closely tracks the latest desktop Firefox release.

Mozilla’s previous attempts at mobile browsers haven’t been all that successful.In my view, part of that reason has to do with platform choice and the other with features.

By tracking Firefox 4 and providing mobile users with an extension of the desktop experience, this is likely to be a very successful release for Mozilla.

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