Firefox 4 RC1 fixes 648 bugs and now considered stable

From the ‘Bug Extermination‘ files:

FINALLY! Mozilla’s Firefox 4 open source web browser is at the Release Candidate stage (RC1) — though it sure is fixing a massive list of bugs from the Beta 12 release.

By my count the RC1 release fixed 648 bugs though it’s not clear how many are unique to RC1 as opposed to earlier update. Mozilla’s published list of fixed bugs for Firefox 4 RC1 appears to include items that were actually fixed in Beta 11 or Beta 12

Most of the fixed bugs appear to be crash related stability fixes and updates. Though there are still a good number of interesting memory leak fixes, which in my experience with the Firefox 4 beta was the number one issue that annoyed me personally.

For RC1 there is a unique new fix for a memory leak with NoScript installed. NoScript is a popular Mozilla add-on that reduces the risk of scripts (JavaScript and Flash) from running.

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