FreeBSD 7.2 hits second release candidate stage

From the ‘let beastie out of the cage‘ files:

The next FreeBSD point release is almost done. Late Friday, developers released the second release candidate for FreeBSD 7.2 which is supposed to be the final RC before this release reaches general availability on May 4th.

RC2 comes three weeks after the Beta release of FreeBSD 7.2, and it looks to me like this release is on track. There is one item that developers noted might be an issue with the RC2.

There is one known issue with 7.2-RC2. We switched from KDE3 to KDE4
and during my tests done before uploading the images a problem with
package dependencies for KDE4 was discovered,” FreeBSD developer Ken Smith wrote.

For the most part FreeBSD from my point of view looks like an incremental update, though on the desktop side the KDE shift is a big one. That said, most FreeBSD users are likely to be using it as a server where KDE version 3 or 4 isn’t a issue. PC-BSD, the desktop derivative of FreeBSD recently came out with its 7.1 release which included KDE 4.2.2 as its default.

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