FreeBSD 9.0 headed to the cloud as 8.2 nears release

From the ‘Daemons In The Sky‘ Files:

The open source FreeBSD operating system is headed to the Amazon cloud. Not the mainline FreeBSD 8.x release, but rather the next generation FreeBSD 9 release that is currently in development.

The movement of FreeBSD to Amazon stems from work done by FreeBSD developers, with some direction and guidance from Amazon.

“One of my largest complaints about Amazon
ever since it launched has been my inability to run FreeBSD on it,” FreeBSD developer Colin Percival
blogged. “The problems keeping FreeBSD out of EC2 have
always been more FreeBSD-related than Amazon-related, however, and
over the past month I’ve been hacking away at FreeBSD’s Xen code, to
the point where I can say something I’ve been waiting to say for a
long time:
FreeBSD now runs
on Amazon EC2

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